About Me

About Me:

i recently began to reacquaint my self with bass after an approximate 25 year hiatus, during most of which i served in (and retired from) the US Navy.  “Fretless” was my nickname in high school because back then i played a fretless Rickenbacker model 4001, which has faded to a deep ivory color over the years.  i am now playing a NS Design C5RM 5-string upright electric, which is an altogether different animal than what i used to play.  (But having played fretless from the beginning definitely helped…)

Don’t get me wrong – i’m not a good bass player. Well, i am when i practice, but i have job and a hobby.  Still it entertains me. And that’s enough.

About This Blog:

i began this blog about a year and a half ago to document my progression as i learned this new, yet strangely familiar, instrument.  But after a short time the blog drifted towards politics and a couple of posts drew some unexpected attention for which i was unprepared.  i was also in the middle of a divorce at the time, and some of my general anger and frustration seeped through in some of the commentary. i soon found my self in heated arguments with people i didn’t even know over topics i really didn’t care that much about.

And i caught myself behaving like an ass.

So i deleted the blog with an exception of a final post.  I left it in case i decided i wanted to try again.  And now i have.

This. Blog. Is. About. What. Interests. me. 


Comment if you want to discuss or disagree.  If you want to argue or name-call, please go elsewhere.  I reserve the right to edit, modifiy, or delete my comments or those of others on this blog.


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