How About This?

Interesting discussion at Protein Wisdom.  Here’s my two cents:

Obama wants to destroy our economic system so he can implement centralized government control of a socialist economic system the American people.

i see that as communism, and I want Obama to Fail.


Update, and Bump:

So long as we’re clear, you don’t speak for me.  You see Rush’s choice of words as sacrificing “clarity for controversy”. i see Obama’s policies and actions as an extension of who he fundamentally is.  He wants to destroy my life, because he believes he can remake it better. He wants to take from me,  from my children, and from their children, that which we have earned or will earn so he can give to those who could earn for themselves, but refuse to.  He wants to make decisions for me and for millions like me – simple, mundane decisions like when to turn on a light, or complex, difficult decisions like how, when, and where we should seek medical care – because he believes himself smart enough and wise enough to make those decisions better than any of those millions, myself included, could possibly make on their own.  But, most of all, he wants the power to do these things and more, because he believes he is capable of wielding it and he believes he deserves it.

i believe he is a tyrant, in the mold of Stalin or Hitler or Castro or Chavaz.

And I Want Obama To Fail.

(i took the liberty of making a few corrections to the original post, above.)


2 Responses to How About This?

  1. nicedeb says:

    I don’t even see how this is debatable.

  2. fretless says:

    Hi Deb!

    I don’t think it is either. Their tactic is to make us afraid to challenge them. Polarize Rush, then use him to discredit anyone they can.

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