Why Do i Feel Skeptical?

The New York Times is telling me who the “real” Republican is.

As Republican whip, Mr. Cantor succeeded again on Friday in denying the White House the support of a single House Republican on the stimulus bill.

Good for him!  But why is the NYT so willing to shine some limelight on him?

… Beyond that, friends of both say that Mr. Gingrich is more intellectually adventurous than Mr. Cantor, but also more prone to overreach.

Ahh … a Republican that can be easily tied to Newt Gangrich yet won’t “overreach”. Now i think i’m beginning to understand.  But what do they mean by not overreaching?

Mr. Cantor acknowledged that Mr. Obama had won points from the public for appearing less partisan than Republicans in this battle…

 It seems that Mr. Cantor knows his place, doesn’t it?




(From the headlines at HotAir.)

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